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Aeolus specializes in the design, development & manufacturing of vertical takeoff & landing (VTOL) systems. The company offers industry leading unmanned Aerial systems for various mission profiles, such as Heavy Cargo Delivery for Off-shore use cases, High Altitude Mountainous regions, Long distance cargo hauling etc. 

Aeolus recently spun off from its Electric VTOL project to fully focus on the Unmanned Aerial Systems business and further expand its aerospace product offering. The company is unique in its product offering coming together to build one of the most advanced Large sized cargo Drones for extreme conditions.

We have one of the most experienced minds in the field of aircraft development, including lightweight aerospace carbon solutions, all sharing the same passion – to redefine the future of unmanned aircraft technology.

C300x Pushpak UAS

Perfect solution for any mission

Aeolus C300x series is a versatile advanced aerial systems platform designed for the execution of various missions. Military, border control, wildfire management, High Value Cargo Delivery, High Altitude Rough Terrain operations – are just a few examples. The applications are endless


Aeolus provides comprehensive theoretical and practical training of all aspects that are required for safe flight operation of the C300x. The training includes mission planning, simulation and flight practice and is carried out by approved Aeolus experts – at our premises or at your location.

During our training you will acquire all skills to successfully plan and perform your own flight missions. A practical and theoretical exam will testify your proficiency level at the end of your Aeolus training. You will receive our official manufacturer certificate (Type Certificate C300x), which certifies the participation and successful completion of the training.

Finally, Regular maintenance training is also provided for you to successfully operate multiple sorties day in, day out.

C300x- unmanned
aerial system

The Pushpak UAS is a ready-to-fly versatile modular solution designed for the execution of various missions in a wide geographic range. The system is packed with high-end technologies like, Radars, Autonomous navigation, and anti-jamming technologies, Pylons for various applications like extra fuel pods etc. C300x is especially designed for High Altitude mountainous regions to carry heavy loads where the terrain and weather is rough. It is well-suited for military use, border control, Deterrence, search and rescue, Disaster Management and public safety applications.

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